“Gaia Speaks:” Message #24 (7-25-2012)

Update 7-29-12: Special Seismic Video Report

Date: 25 July 2012
Time: 5:30 PM HST

Gaia-Pachamama Starting to Stir Again…

Two major earthquakes shake up Solomon Islands, Indonesia

HAIKU, Maui, July 25 – Less than 24 hours ago, I wrote to all of you and commented on how relatively quiet July has been so far in terms of seismic activities. Well, no longer. Gaia-Pachamama is stirring again. She unleashed two powerful earthquakes early this morning in the area of Solomon Islands and Indonesia.

Fortunately, there was no major loss of life or damage. Those of you who have been following the discussion between Kia and myself on our Facebook page today can also see the URLs of the sources of the above information (USGS – Real-time Earthquake Map and

* * *

First Half of 2012 Quietest in Three Years

Is our healing work making a difference?

Meanwhile, I thought it would be also educational for us to take stock of all of the major seismic events in the first half of 2012.  After all, this was supposed to be the year of major tectonic activities and many natural disasters, according to the Light Beings that Earl Backman channels (see Group Channeling Highlights, 12-26-11,, user ID/password required).  Here’s an excerpt from what they said:

  • This coming year is going to be a major, major time of upheaval on your planet in terms of environmental, natural disasters. (There will be) tremendous loss of life, as the energy from the Earth realm meets the energy from the Spiritual realm And you’re in between.

  • The energy grid of planet Earth is directly tied to the Spiritual realm. Planet Earth will continue to speak to earth being about the planet being taken care of.

  • Natural disasters are a way the Spiritual realm and the Earthy realm communicate to earth beings that change is necessary.

They reiterated some of these points and expanded on them in a Group Channeling on Jan 9 (, user ID/password required).

Well, that has clearly not happened yet. At least not in the first half of 2012. In fact, my analysis of the major seismic events during the first six months of this year shows that this has been the quietest first half in three years!  Check out these charts…

In the first half of 2012, we had 78 earthquakes of magnitude 6.0 or greater compared to 139 in 2011 and 108 in 2010. That’s a monthly average of 13, 23 and 17 respectively.

And even if we remove the 41 big temblors that followed the huge Japanese quake of 3-11-11, that leaves the first half of 2011 with an average monthly average of 17, equal to that in 2010, still higher than the first half of this year (13).

So what’s happening? Where are all those major disasters that the Light Beings were talking about? (Not that we are wishing for them… God forbid, just trying to understand what’s going on). Of course, they could still strike in the second half of this year. But this unusual DROP in Gaia-Pachamama’s seismic activities at a time when just the opposite was expected might be attributable to something else.

Back on Dec 26, when the Light Beings issued this forecast, there was no such thing as Stewards of the Earth. We came together as a community of healers only in late January. So could it be that all the group work we have been doing in the last six months might be having a beneficial effect in quieting down Gaia-Pachamama’s and the Spirit realm’s anxiety?

That’s the question I intend to ask of the Light Beings in tomorrow’s (July 26) group channeling session that Earl and Linda Backman will be conducting. Meanwhile, I want to remind everyone that the LBs have already commented about that in a private conversation on Apr 25.  Here’s an excerpt from that part of our dialogue:



ALTZAR: I concur with what you said, and have written about the cause and effect relationship between the earth beings, and the way we treat Mother Nature and Planet Earth, Gaia, and the way she responds to us through some of the events that you mentioned – seismic, volcanic events, tsunamis, and so on.  Let’s call this for the moment “negative reinforcement.” It would be very helpful, in the course of doing the work as a Steward of the Earth, if we could point out to some “positive examples” of how, when people changed, when they became the good caretakers of the Mother around them, that there was gratification, and positive feedback (from her).

Unfortunately, that is difficult to explain to people, even for a relatively good writer, because if we (SOEs) do our job well, disasters will not happen. How can we point out to something that didn’t happen, but might have happened otherwise?

LBs: Yes. That is – how do you prove the negative? Ah… we understand what you are saying. And there is a certain amount of just belief and trust that is required. And while it is not the same, it might be important to point out that certainly in your country, and perhaps some others, that the Earth was so pillaged by corporate greed creating toxic waste sites, creating zones that were basically uninhabitable. And once the pollution stopped, once there was a priority given to cleaning up the area, new life was restored.

[LBs go on to give an example of a river in Oregon whose name I could not decipher]

This does not speak directly to what you were saying with regards to the seismic events, but it does speak to what can happen when the earth being mobilize to solve a problem, and to clean up a mess that they created. And essentially, to restore balance in nature. And that’s what you are talking about.


ALTZAR: Exactly. Now, you don’t really have to convince me. I do have faith. If I didn’t have faith, I would not be doing what I am doing as a Steward of the Earth.

LBs: We understand that.

ALTZAR: What I am trying to say is, can you assure me, for example, when we do our healings, such as what I did in Europe, or what I did at the South Point (of the Big Island), or what I am continuing to do with respect to “El Popo,” the Mexican volcano – that all that actually does make a difference in terms of the relationship between the local population and those seismic events – to quiet things down?

LBs: It definitely has an effect. It has an effect even in just the actions that you take. The energetic work that you and others do on Planet Earth has a positive impact to slow the process. But it has another impact that’s equally important. It illustrates to the Spiritual realm your commitment. Therefore, energy is mobilized from the Spiritual realm as well.
So it is like doing your healing work in and of itself makes a difference to calming things, to illustrating to nature, to Gaia, to Mother Earth, that you are committed to helping. It also illustrates to your partners in the Spiritual realm your commitment.  Therefore, their energy is mobilized as well.

ALTZAR: Right.

LBs: So it is like a two-for: Your action stimulates positive response and action from the Spiritual realm. It is, as you say, difficult to prove what didn’t happen. On the other hand, there is certainly enough illustration of tremendous damage where healing work was not done.

So all we can say from our perspective on the side of the veil that we operate from is that it makes a big difference.

ALTZAR: [tries to day something, then stops].

LBs: One of the things it does, the work you are doing, it gives the indigenous population also time to prepare for what might occur, even though your healing work makes it less likely, but also less severe if it happened. So the healing work you’re doing is affecting the indigenous populations of the area.

And then there is that transmittal of energy that you as a shaman know takes place when you are doing the work of connecting with the Gods and the Goddesses of the land, of the volcanoes, of the ocean, of fire, of essentially the Gods and Goddesses that work within Planet Earth.

You are creating a harmony through the work you are doing. And while it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be able to prevent the seismic events, because some seismic events are important, they release pressure.


LBs: And if the channel the releasing of that pressure in such ways that it causes much less damage to the environment, to earth beings…


LBs: So a part of the healing work you are doing is helping Planet Earth release the build up of pressure so it is not as destructive.  This is another important aspect of your healing work.

ALTZAR: Yes. That’s exactly how I have felt.  I see myself as being sort of a Planetary Chiropractor, if you like.  


So there you have it. It will be interesting to hear tomorrow from the Light Beings if the scientific data about the lower earthquake activities in the first half of 2012 may be indeed proof of the beneficial effect our group as a community of Stewards of the Earth has been doing.  So stand by for that…


10 Earthquakes >7.0M in 1H 2012

Date       Time             Lat       Lon  Depth   Mag
2012/01/10 18:36:59.08   2.4330   93.2100  19.00    7.20
2012/02/02 13:34:40.65 -17.8270  167.1330  23.00   7.10
2012/03/14 09:08:35.14  40.8870  144.9440  12.00   7.00
2012/03/20 18:02:47.44  16.4930  -98.2310  20.00   7.40
2012/03/25 22:37:06.00 -35.2000  -72.2170  40.70   7.10
2012/04/11 08:38:36.72   2.3270   93.0630  20.00    8.60 (Indonesia)
2012/04/11 10:43:10.85   0.8020   92.4630  25.10    8.20
2012/04/12 07:15:48.50  28.6960 -113.1040  13.00  7.00

10 Earthquakes >7.0M in 1H 2011

Date            Time             Lat       Lon      Depth   Mag
2011/01/01 09:56:58.12 -26.8030  -63.1360 576.80  7.00
2011/01/02 20:20:17.78 -38.3550  -73.3260  24.00  7.10
2011/01/13 16:16:41.54 -20.6280  168.4710   9.00  7.00
2011/01/18 20:23:23.48  28.7770   63.9510  68.00  7.20
2011/03/09 02:45:20.33  38.4350  142.8420  32.00  7.50
2011/03/11 05:46:24.12  38.2970  142.3730  29.00  9.10  (Japan)
2011/03/11 06:15:40.28  36.2810  141.1110  42.60  7.90
2011/03/11 06:25:50.30  38.0580  144.5900  18.60  7.70
2011/04/07 14:32:43.29  38.2760  141.5880  42.00  7.10
2011/06/24 03:09:39.47  52.0500 -171.8360  52.00  7.30

Stewards Speak: Rick’s Comment, Altzar’s Reply

Maybe We Should Talk More about Our Work as SOEs

HAIKU, Maui, July 26 – Here’s a comment I got this morning from our fellow-SOE Rick from Tennessee about the latest Gaia Speaks Message (#24):

It’s quite bizarre. By doing the work we are doing it’s bringing heaven to Earth, and Earth to Heaven. It’s calming Earth events and know one knows about it except the ones that are doing the work. Talk about being modest or humble. It’s that and much more. We are great, mighty, powerful, spiritual beings with dignity, purpose, and direction (Dannion Brinkley), and we do not tell anyone because who would believe it? No one in my family knows, including my wife. So we continue to do what we came here to do…until we’re done.

Peace out. 


To which I replied:

Thanks for your feedback, Rick. I think I know how you feel. Three, four years ago… I felt the same way: “Who would believe it?”  Of course, there is always the satisfaction of knowing that we know. And that the Spirit realm knows. That’s enough, I thought.

Well, maybe not. We have learned during the course of the first six months of 2012 that group energetic action is exponentially more powerful than individual healings.  Which means that the more of us participate in these healings, the more beneficial the results will be.

More than once this year I was told by the Spirit realm that I need to spread the word out about all our communications.  No more secrets. No more bashfulness.  What we do As SOEs is “extremely important” for the survival of this planet and the humanity, the Spirit realm has said.  So by keeping it just to ourselves, we are minimizing our own impact.

So I invite you, Rick, and all of our fellow-SOEs to speak out, the spread the word far and wide about the healing effects our work may have already have in a relatively short time that we have been in existence.

We must do that, of course, without being boastful about it. Or preachy.  Because we are just the conduits so that the healing energy you are talking about, Rick, can course between the Celestial and the Earthly realms and be distributed via the Ceke and leylines to the right hotspots on Planet Earth.

But the healing cannot happen without the conduits. So we must not minimize that aspect of what we do, either. And more of us get engaged, the greater the good for all humanity. Which is why the Light Beings have told us that each and every one of us has the responsibility not only to do individual work, but also bring in new members into the Stewards of the Earth community: 

“It is important that this group, this collectivity, this community of passionate souls (who are) concerned with what is going on on Planet Earth, what is going on IN Planet Earth, continue to expand, continue to grow ­ with those who are already committed, bringing on more committed individuals.”

“It is not just your responsibility, Bob, to bring on new members or new participants. It is the collective responsibility of ALL those who participate who know of others who are committed to treating Planet Earth as this living organism, providing life to the human kingdom, to the animal kingdom, to the plant kingdom, to the mineral kingdom.”

The key here is for your participants to continue to engage others and present them with this opportunity to join with you all. So that it grows, but it grows incrementally, the way it is supposed to grow… by word of mouth. Such as what Earl did with his friend Dij. Others need to do the same thing.

Or as Kia, did, for example, after I had shared this message from the Light Beings with the group a couple of weeks ago.

Nor are the beneficial effects of our healing work limited just to earthquakes. Remember “El Popo?” (see Gaia Speaks Messages below). This powerful volcano just outside of Mexico City was expected to blow its lid off back in April. Which is when we all went to work to help connect it energetically to the key pyramids and vortexes around the world so as to relieve that pressure. During our U.S. mainland healing ceremonies in Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado, I had been throwing the Ceke lines from Great Kiva, Mesa Verde, Camelback and McDowell Mtns to “El Popo” and on to Temples of the Sun at Saqsaywaman near Cusco (Peru) and at Tijuanaco (Bolivia) with the express intention of alleviating the pressures that might cause this volcano to erupt.  And with your/our collective participation in those ceremonies, their effect was that much greater.

In fact, when that group of anthropologists from Tennessee at Great Kiva in New Mexico asked me to explain what I was doing, that’s exactly what I told them by way of an example.  In the end, they seemed deeply touched. As we said our goodbyes, they wished us good luck in our healing work “for all of our sakes,” as that lady in hot pink blouse put it (left).

The upshot has been that “El Popo” is no longer in the news, thank God. The universe is unfolding without a major catastrophe in that part of the world.  God knows, Mexico has enough man-made disasters. So if we can at least spare the local people some natural ones, so much the better.  Of course, they must also want to participate in the healings as well.  Which is why it is important to keep spreading the word.

Yes, Rick, maybe even to your wife. 🙂 I had to do the same in my household. 🙂

Thanks for sharing.



Apr 16, 2012 … Popocatepetl and Iztaccíhuatl volcanoes lie on the “green ley line,” which we identified on 4-11-12, that connects the Honshu (Japan) and …
May 10, 2012 … HAIKU, Maui, May 10 – The Mexican volcano Popocatepetl, popularly known as ” El Popo,” about which we have already commented in “Gaia …

Light Beings confirm: Our COLLECTIVE work did have impact on minimizing earthquakes, volcanoes

It is late, and I am tired after a long day, but I just wanted to share with you all some exciting news.  The Light Beings whom Earl Backman channels confirmed in a group session this afternoon that the COLLECTIVE work that we, Stewards of the Earth, did during the first half of 2012 did make a difference in minimizing the number and the intensity of earthquakes and volcanoes (and, therefore, loss of life and damage around the world).  For a detailed analysis of it see Gaia Speaks Message #24: Quietest (Seismic) First Half in Three Years (7-25-12).

The emphasis here is on the COLLECTIVE. The more of us do it together, the greater the impact.

So give yourself a pat on the back if you participated in our group healing ceremonies during the last six months.  For, you are one of the unsung Blue Star Earth heroes who have helped save lives and property around the world. And then let’s get back to work. For, there is much more to be done in the second half and beyond.

But now that we have a definitive, scientific, left brain-type proof point that what we do does save lives and property, start SHOUTING to your friends and family that you are a Steward of the Earth and proud of it.  Maybe some of them will also want to join you in this noble  endeavor. In the end, it is guaranteed to make them feel good about themselves, too. Especially at a time like this when any doubts are replaced by certainty.

And now, here’s an excerpt from what the Light Beings said today. In fact, they opened their Monologue with these comments. I never had to even ask a question about it as I was planning to.

Stewards of the Earth Do Make a Difference


    • “First of all, we do wish to acknowledge that grassroots, informal, unaffiliated organizations can have a result, can have an impact, on what is happening on Planet Earth.  
  • We are talking about the impact that a group Stewards of the Earth, for example, whom we advise through Earl and Bob and now more than 100 others around the world, (who are) committed to achieving the balance between the Earth Beings and Planet Earth.
  • The collective energy of all these members focused on earthquakes has had an impact in minimizing earthquakes as well as volcanoes.
  • And while there are clearly earthquakes happening almost every day, they have not been of the destructive magnitude that has often been the case in the past.
  • There will still be a few more in this calendar year. But it (a decline in the number and intensity of earthquakes and volcanoes) is the Earth’s way of showing to humanity that collective energy honoring the planet, honoring the earth grids, paying homage to the Spirits on Planet Earth – make a difference.
  • It illustrates that some aspect of the humanity is concerned, and values Planet Earth, and knows that not all resources are replaceable, that all pollution can be cleaned up.”

Over time, I plan to share with you Highlights of the rest of the fascinating 1.5-hr discussion which ranged from environmental, to cultural, to political, to military, to economic issues.

Special Seismic Report for 7-29-12

Another Global Ley Line Reveals Itself This Evening

HAIKU, Maui, July 29 – You never know what the Spirit will have up its sleeve.  This afternoon, within the course of an hour, not only did a new ley line reveal itself, but I was also able to make a video about it and upload it to Youtube at the same time.  It was the first time that I used my iPhone to do it.

It was not the first time that I have done a video Gaia Message report (we experimented with it for the first time a little over four months ago – see Gaia Speaks Message #12, 3-23-12). But it was the first time I did it so quickly and without having to use the computer to do it.  Marvels of technology! (When it works… which is not always the case).  Not even for Apple products. (More on that later).

Anyway, Elizabeth and I worked hard today on various physically challenging projects today. So we woke up after a nap around 5:30 PM. Something made me go to the office and check the seismic activity for today (I do it at least twice a day). And I saw that another major earthquake hit in the Myanmar area in addition to the 6.6M near New Guinea which rattled that area this morning (our time in Hawaii – right map). And then I saw another one. And another one…

“What if they are on the same ley line?” I wondered immediately, having seen such phenomena before during our earthquake watch.

So I crudely drew an outline of such a possible new ley line on the left map.

Then I fired up my Google Earth. Sure enough, turns out all these points were more or less on the same ley line. Here’s that quick Gaia Speaks Video Message I was talking about which explains it:

Stewards of the Earth: Gaia Speaks Video Message 7-29-12


But there is more… Something also made me wonder if there is perhaps a global symmetry at work here, just like we have seen on some other occasions this year?  So I plotted the exact opposite spot in the northern hemisphere to the known southern hemisphere hotspot in southern Pacific.

And voila! It’s near the one we have already identified near Mount Everest in the Himalayas, where there was also seismic activity today (a 4.8M quake near the Nepal-India border). And today’s big one – the 6.6M near New Guiney – lies in between on the same ley line.

And if we follow this ley line westward from the Himalayas, we can also see seismic activity all along in Asia and all the way through to the other big ocean – the Atlantic, at a known hotspot between Africa and South America.

And as if that’s not enough to make us realize all this seismic activity is happening along the same ley line, there was also a 4.5M earthquake in northern Chile, near this country’s borders with Peru and Bolivia.

So as I said, you never know what the Spirit will have up its sleeve. When I woke up from that nap at 5:30 this evening, I had no idea what revelations lay ahead.  So thank you Master Hilarion, Lord Tabor and Goddess Pele for another lesson about our Mother Earth’s grid.

* * *

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