“Gaia Speaks:” Message #32

Date: 31 Dec 2012
Time: 00:30 AM HST

Final global seismic report for 2012

2012 Quietest Seismic Year in a Decade

Stewards of the Earth did make a difference: Thank you one and all!

HAIKU, Maui, Dec 31 – This will be my final Gaia Speaks Message. And it is a delightful one. Each and every one of you who contributed your heart’s healing energies during the year has good reasons to be proud.  Working collectively as a global community, we did make a difference in calming Gaia-Pachamama down. An analysis of major seismic activities (6.0M or greater) in the last 10 years shows that 2012 was the quietest year in a decade!

Check out this chart…

Only 139 major earthquakes occurred this year versus an average of 185 per year during the previous five years. That’s a 25% reduction.

This is in stark contrast to the dire predictions and warnings we received from the Spirit realm at the start of the year:  Here’s an excerpt from what the Light Beings whom Earl Backman channels said a year ago (see (see Group Channeling Highlights, 12-26-11, altzar.org, user ID/password required):

    • This coming year is going to be a major, major time of upheaval on your planet in terms of environmental, natural disasters. (There will be) tremendous loss of life, as the energy from the Earth realm meets the energy from the Spiritual realm And you’re in between.


  • The energy grid of planet Earth is directly tied to the Spiritual realm. Planet Earth will continue to speak to earth being about the planet being taken care of.


  • Natural disasters are a way the Spiritual realm and the Earthy realm communicate to earth beings that change is necessary.

Thank God and thanks to all of you – this dire forecast has not come to pass. In fact, half way through the year, when I asked the Light Beings to comment whether or not our work as Stewards of the Earth did make a difference during the first half of 2012, here’s what they said (see Gaia Speaks Message #24 – 7-25-12):

Stewards of the Earth Do Make a Difference

    • “First of all, we do wish to acknowledge that grassroots, informal, unaffiliated organizations can have a result, can have an impact, on what is happening on Planet Earth.  


  • We are talking about the impact that a group Stewards of the Earth, for example, whom we advise through Earl and Bob and now more than 100 others around the world, (who are) committed to achieving the balance between the Earth Beings and Planet Earth.
  • The collective energy of all these members focused on earthquakes has had an impact in minimizing earthquakes as well as volcanoes.
  • And while there are clearly earthquakes happening almost every day, they have not been of the destructive magnitude that has often been the case in the past.
  • There will still be a few more in this calendar year. But it (a decline in the number and intensity of earthquakes and volcanoes) is the Earth’s way of showing to humanity that collective energy honoring the planet, honoring the earth grids, paying homage to the Spirits on Planet Earth – make a difference.


  • It illustrates that some aspect of the humanity is concerned, and values Planet Earth, and knows that not all resources are replaceable, that all pollution can be cleaned up.”

So thank you one and all!  Considering the manifest importance of our work as a group of concerned earth beings, hope that there will be enough Stewards of the Earth willing to step up and take over the stewardship of the Stewards of the Earth after I step down today.  It has been my honor and pleasure to work with all of you.

* * *

Farewell and Succession Message

HAIKU, Maui, Dec 31 – Hello everybody. Those of you who have followed my recent stories and videos from Peru know by now that the Spirit has counseled me to step down as the “leader” of the Stewards of the Earth. Not that I ever considered myself as such. I have always said I did not want to be a leader, just serve and empower the fellow-Stewards with knowledge and insight I am sometimes fortunate to receive from the Spirit realm.

In the process, we have experienced incredible growth. As of right now, the Stewards of the Earth number nearly 900 direct members. And our posts and stories also reach over 20,000 affiliated groups via FB. A year ago, we did not exist at all. We started to come together as a community of Gaia-Pachamama healers in late January 2012. Obviously, this kind of growth would not have been possible without the support by the Spirit realm. So I hope that whoever succeeds me should be able to count on the same from now on.

By the way, I am not going anywhere. I will just be doing less physically and BEING more energetically. We will stay in touch by email or via FB as our hearts desire. And I may continue to post stories and insights from time to time on various topics as I receive the guidance from the Spirit. But I will no longer be the “editor-in-chief,” or the “bottle-washer-in-chief” or by whatever other title you may have have thought of me this year.

For example, I feel I need to give you all the final 2012 year-end report on the effectiveness of our healing ceremonies in helping reduce earthquake and volcanic activities. As you will see from that final Gaia Speaks Message, we DID make a difference. A BIG difference. And I hope you will want to continue this important work.

So on this last day of 2012, I want to invite any of you Stewards of the Earth who want to take over and carry the torch of our community to step forward and let me know. If there is more than one person that hears the call to do that, so much the better. You can help each other get off the ground faster. I will assist you as needed to make this transition as smooth as possible. Obviously, one of the requirements will be that one or more of you will need to take over the management of our web site – gaiasteward.org.

So thank you one and all! Considering the manifest importance of our work as a group of concerned earth beings, hope that there will be enough Stewards of the Earth willing to step up and take over the stewardship of the Stewards of the Earth after I step down today. It has been my honor and pleasure to serve with all of you.

I wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Love and blessings


Stewards’ Comments

Here are some of the comments I have received in reaction to the above message…

Hi Bob, I am honored to have been firstly and mostly your friend and fellow traveller on this incredible journey that we as Stewards of the Earth have be privileged to undertake and will continue to undertake. I’m so grateful to have you as our Steward. You have done a magnificent job in bringing us all together and to have been so caring and patient in taking and organizing all the thoughts, feeling and intuitions that we as Stewards have shared with in our community. Not to mention all that you have shared with us.

So a heartfelt well done to you! As I mentioned to you by phone around midnight UK time on the 23/12/2012, I felt very connected to your broadcast and the energies that were flowing from Peru and connecting to all of us whom were present in dreamtime, virtual and space time. I felt that we have now received the key codes and there for seeds, from which we all now share the responsibilities to go out into the world and plant. Now it is up to us all to water those seeds and let them grow stronger in our hearts. 

Blessings and love

Lincoln (London, England)

Bob, THANK YOU for being like you are!! Everything changes, the river flows, I’m really happy about what you received and about the success of the SOEs in helping our Mother Earth!! Enjoy your new life and I’m happy to know that I can be still in contact with you whenever I want!!  I am happy to have been part of this group in 2012!!

Soon I’ll write a personal email, because somehow also my life is changing!


Kia (Chiara Saracini from Rome, Italy… currently writing this from Chile, South America)

Hi dear Bob,
Thank you for the work you have done in 2012.
I don’t feel the call inside, but I am sure one of the 900 persons will follow in your steps.

Lots of love and a blessed new year.

Sylvia (Germany)

Thanks Bob.

I appreciate all your hard work. There is a group of cherubim embodied lightworker angels I have been working with for 2 1/2 years. The Cherubim angels were the first beings created after the Seraphim (who reflect love back our one infinite creator). The Cherubim were the masters of vibration and were the ones told to go out, explore and help to record creation and creative activities.  I along with other Cherubim send violet light through our third eye (pineal gland) to the grid that circumnavigates the planet and do tremendous amounts of healing past and current negative karmic energies.  This is my mission and I’m glad I awoke to this mission in Feb. 2011.

It has been a tremendous struggle and I have suffered greatly but now that I’m aware of my mission I will endure until it is complete.

So yes, I am an embodied Cherubim angel and lived pretty normally until Aug. of 2008. Now that I’ve thrown the box away and know the truth…that truth has indeed set me free.

So let’s keep in touch because there is much on the near horizon that will be happening.

In the light of everlasting love,

Rick C. Shultz (Tennessee)

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